Sunpool, established in 1981, is a company that strives to provide complete satisfaction to its clients from start to finish. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality industrial hose couplings, fire hose valves, and fire hose couplings, drawing on our extensive experience and quick response times to meet our clients' needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes Sunpool a valuable partner for businesses seeking to develop new products or expand into new markets.


We offer our customers a range of high-quality products, including industiral hose couplings, fire hose couplings, and valves. Our extensive product line provides options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. For more information on our products, we invite you to visit our product pages, where you can find detailed descriptions and specifications.


At Sunpool, we prioritize quick response, guaranteed quality, production flexibility, and exceptional service. Our volume purchasing and manufacturing efficiency enable us to provide our clients with secure outsourcing options for their product needs. Additionally, our OEM Solution empowers our clients to redirect their resources away from tedious production processes and focus on business development and innovation. Partnering with Sunpool allows you to do what you do best, while we handle the rest.


  • Hose Coupling

    Hose Coupling

    SUNPOOL produces high quality Cam and Groove, Storz, KC, Universal coupling, Ground Joint, Guillemin, Bauer, Clamp, Ferrule, Sleeve and layflat hose accessories.
  • Fire Fighting Products

    Fire Fighting Products

    SUNPOOL supplies Fire Hose Valve, Fog Nozzle, Sprinklers, FDC, Fire Hose Coupling with UL FM, Storz, BS336 Instantaneous, Machino, NAKAJIMA, Cap and Plug.
  • Valves


    SUNPOOL produces Brass, 304, 316 Ball, Gate, Check, Safety, Butterfly Valve. High working pressure ball valve up to 10,000 WOG with API 607 Approval.