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Gate Pattern Dry Riser Landing Valve Thread Inlet

Type:Gate Pattern Dry Riser Landing Valve X Screw
    • Available in Thread Type or Flange Type.
    • Conformed to BS 5041-2 standard.
    • Inlet: BSP Female Thread.
      Outlet: 65mm BS336 Female Instantaneous.
    • Testing Pressure: Seat 16.5 bars / Body 22.5 bars
    • Gunmetal or Red Painting Finishing.
    • Monel Stem is available upon request.
    • Made in Taiwan.
    Size 2½"
    Material Body: BS 1400 LG2 /AL Bronze
    Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron
    Blank Plug: Plastic with SS Chain 
    Optional: Gunmetal or Brass Plug
    Type Gate Pattern Dry Riser Valve
    Inlet: BSP Female
    Outlet: 65mm BS336 Female 
    Optional: Thread Outlet
    Pressure Working Pressure: 16 bars