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Pressure Regulating Valve Flange Inlet

  • Sunpool Pressure Regulating Hydrant Valve is designed to maintain a steady working pressure in fire water line. PRV is suitable for inlet pressure up to 20 bar and can be use in high rise buildings. Sunpool PRV will keep constant pressure irrespective of the location. Our Pressure Regulating Valve is also perfectly suited to wet riser systems.
    • Standard: BS 5041-1.
    • Inlet: Flange BS4504 PN16, PN25 or ANSI#150 or #300.
    • Outlet: 65mm BS336 Female Instantaneous.
    • Optional: Thread outlet.
    • Testing Valve: Seat 22.5 bars / Body 30 bars.
    • Gunmetal or Red Painting Finishing.
    • Monel Stem is available upon request.
    • Made in Taiwan.
    Size 2½"
    Material Body: BS 1400 LG2 / AL-Bronze
    Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron
    Blank Plug: Plastic with SS Chain 
    Optional: Gunmetal or Brass Plug
    Type Pressure Regulating Valve X Flange 
    Flange: PN16, PN25, #150, or #300
    Outlet: 65mm BS336 Female
    Optional: Thread Outlet
    Pressure Working Pressure: 20 bars
    Outlet Pressure Range: 3.5-8 bars
    Other Pressure Range by request